By Karen Bradberry

What if I could take away the pain you wish I could?

And erase the memories and you knew that I would?

Would you ever want to meet me, have me perform this task?

Would you risk the girl you are to have that peace at last?

And when you’ve purged and come out new, what will you do then?

You’ll never move another soul or write from heart to pen.

You’ll then give up the thing you used to cope with all your pain and have to find your seat again and have no one to blame.

Those times you used the rain outside to mask your tears have gone.

Those little bits of empathy, that cannot sleep til dawn.

The girl that you were proud of who overcame the hurt,

Never even happened, never knew her worth.

She went through life in wonder and pitied those who feel,

Never comprehending how that cut would scar and heal.

So do you want to meet me and have me do this thing?

Or would you rather keep your heart although it’s in a sling?