The Snack Epidemic | Parents

Cookies at school, crackers for car rides, chips after sports … This around-the-clock nibbling is hurting kids’ eating habits — and their health.
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I think there might be a lot of us out there but we are too afraid to say anything. Afterall, nobody wants to be that parent. But look where we are headed! I’m pretty sure we didn’t get snack when I was in school. At home we might have a bag of oranges or some apples available between meals but other than that we just didn’t have it. We ate at meal times. We also traveled a lot in the car. I have zero memories of eating in my parent’s car.

Just tell me this, where does it end? Huh? Do we all just keep pretending that our kids are eating healthy forever but keep ignoring what’s actually going into their mouths when we aren’t around? How crazy would you look if you showed up at school and said “please don’t give my kid candy and junk food, not for a snack and not for a reward.” How many people would actually follow your instructions? How long would it last? Sure we should teach our kids self-control and how to turn down junk food but sugar is addictive. Additives can be addictive. Wheat can be addictive. Think I’m lying ? Stop eating one of these things and tell me you don’t feel hungover for about a week. I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YOU!

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