I have begged and I have made threats. I have punished and I have ignored. #distubungclarity


Ok so I’m done trying to pry these kids out of bed in the morning and then rushing them to meet the bus in time as they move like snails. That’s not really fair I guess because one of them pops right up when her alarm goes off and finds a myriad of ways to waste as much time as possible until she’s late anyway. The result is the same. Me saying hurry up, you’ve been up for an hour or hurry up it’s not my fault you overslept, again….ugh…

“Here take your lunch, where’s your bookbag? Did you brush your teeth? Go back upstairs and put something clean on that doesn’t make you look like you slept at the bus station. Take your breakfast and stand outside while you eat it.” Trust me when I say the list goes on…. and on and on and on. I’m so done.

My kids are 12 now and perfectly capable of doing all of the things on their own. The washing of their faces, the gathering of their materials, the cutting up of their own Eggos. Everything….. except managing their time. I really don’t understand this phenomenon because it’s literally a case of “you do the same thing every morning why is this so hard?”

I’ve made bathroom schedules and check charts. I’ve had them lay out their clothes and taught them how to set their own alarms. I’ve made bed time earlier and given them a specific area in which to keep all of the things they need to successfully walk out the door in the mornings ready for the world. But alas, I’m still chasing them around the house in the morning with a figurative flyswatter.

If you think making them walk to school is a punishment well let me just stop you right there. They are perfectly happy to walk. They don’t care about making the bus or getting to school on time or any punishment they could get or privilege they could lose. And I dread the mornings.

So what is there for a mother to do? All I want is for them to do the things they already know they need to do the same way every morning. I want them to grow into responsible young adults who get themselves up for work and make it on time. I really want them to be able to hold down a job and for some CRAZY reason getting there on time ready to start the day is kind of a must-have.

Any ideas from my followers would be much appreciated. I’m so over the bus driver looking at me judgingly as I run them out the door every morning; one kid crying because I won’t let her come back in to get “one more thing” she’s decided she needs to get through the day and the other one carrying his socks and shoes that he literally had an hour to put on.

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