Self- Discipline

Self-discipline doesn’t end at “as it pertains to self” it also applies to what you’re willing to do for the benefit of those you love. (Giving up some bad habit or structuring your days differently or retraining your focus where it was once free to roam unabated or eating better or moving more, all in order to be a better human and set a standard higher than it was before) You just have to decide if what you’re giving up or doing differently is worth the return. We live a life of exchange and purpose. We can only take in so much before we have to let some things go to make room. Can you stop doing that thing? That requires sacrifice. To believe someone is capable of doing that for someone else requires trust. Trust is earned and broken and scarred over and revisited in this life. Trust isn’t free flowing. It’s not always available. It’s a bitter pill and sometimes a two-edged sword and not everyone deserves yours. Trust is dependent on too many things. Faith is a different story altogether.

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